Biofertilizers have been shown to have benefits to plant and tree nurseries.

The benefits are:

  • Improved germination rates
  • Excellent survivability of young seedlings
  • Robust development of root systems
  • Resilient seedlings that transplant well
  • Potential reduction in disease issues in young seedlings
  • Significant reduced irrigation requirements for potted plants, possibly up to a 50% reduction.


Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside

Agrhizome is a concentrated liquid consisting of trillions of living, beneficial bacteria and fungi in a humate carrier. Agrhizome uses the “SumaGrow” microbial formulation that offers the benefits described under “Biofertilization”, and it is unique in the microbiological industry in that it has the most diverse variety of beneficial microbes that offer the wide range of benefits. SumaGrow has been demonstrated to adapt to every kind of soil type around the world.

Agrhizome is used for row crops, vegetables, legumes and fruits.

Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside Product Specifications

Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside Material Data Safety Sheet

Application Rates

Dilute Agrhizome at a rate of 8 oz. per gallon of water. Spray in the seed beds, trays or pots once a week just enough to moisten the complete root zone.

Please consult Bioril about soaking seeds in Agrhizome before planting. Soaking seeds in Agrhizome before planting has been demonstrated to improve germination, but over soaking can cause problems.

Agrhizome can be co-applied with liquid fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides if completely applied in the day it is mixed together. Agrhizome should NOT be co-applied with fungicides.