The use of biofertilizers during installations significantly improve the survivability of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. This can translate into significant savings by avoiding re-plants due to plant loss. Biofertilizers are ideally used during planting a root dip or drench, but can also be applied periodically once planted.


Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside

Agrhizome is a concentrated liquid consisting of trillions of living, beneficial bacteria and fungi in a humate carrier. Agrhizome uses the “SumaGrow” microbial formulation that offers the benefits described under “Biofertilization”, and it is unique in the microbiological industry in that it has the most diverse variety of beneficial microbes that offer the wide range of benefits. SumaGrow has been demonstrated to adapt to every kind of soil type around the world.

Agrhizome is used for row crops, vegetables, legumes and fruits.

Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside Product Specifications

Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside Material Data Safety Sheet

Application Rates

At Initial Installation:

In a large container, 5 gallons or greater, dilute Agrhizome at a rate of 3 oz. per gallon. Remove the plant from the pot, loosen the roots, then dip until complete submerged and saturated, then plant. Water the plant using normal planting practices.