Bioril offers ReeCourse Golf products to our customers.

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ReeCourse Golf products come in two types: ReeCourse Fairways Formula for use in fairways and roughs, and ReeCourse Greens Formula for use in greens and tee boxes. Both of these products use the SumaGrow soil microbial formula as its foundation.   SumaGrow is an environmentally-friendly consortium of beneficial soil microbes (bacteria and fungi) in a liquid humate carrier.  SumaGrow’s microbial formulation is specifically designed to contain a comprehensive set of microbial groups with multiple complementary functions. SumaGrow consists of microbial groups chosen for their ability to provide effective biological nitrogen fixation, solubilize phosphate, mobilize available plant nutrients and minerals, produce phyto-hormones and suppress plant diseases by improving plant health, and competitive microbial activity.

What are the benefits of using ReeCourse Golf products in a turf management program?

  • Successful and healthy turf using a reduction of 50% of the customer’s normal nitrogen fertilization program.
  • Reduced irrigation needs. Customers who use the ReeCourse Golf products are able to reduce irrigation by 10% to 20%.
  • Program increases and promotes healthy microbial populations in soil which leads to healthy, disease and drought resistant turf. Color and quality is also not compromised as supported by university trials.
  • While using the ReeCourse Golf products along with a reduction in fertilizer, emphasis is placed on the growth of a healthy turf and roots, but with less accelerated grow of leaf tissue. University studies have reported reduced clipping yields.
  • Promotes the increase of organic matter in soil which further reduces needs for nutrient inputs, conserves water.  This will also stabilize pH requiring less mineral inputs to adjust pH over time.
  • Many customers use fewer insecticides and nematicides due to healthier soil and turf.
  • Golf courses can promote themselves as “green” by using more organic treatments. Your company can also position yourself to offer solutions that will help meet future stricter environmental regulations. ReeCourse Golf products can also support the application for the Audubon International Certified Gold status.


Bioril offers ReeCourse Golf ( products to our customers. ReeCourse Golf products use the same parent SumaGrow soil microbial formula, but the formula has been modified specifically for the unique golf course grasses and the specialized soil substrates they grow on.

ReeCourse Golf offers two products:

ReeCourse Fairways

ReeCourse Greens (also used on tee boxes)

Application Rates

ReeCourse Greens (also used on tee boxes)

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