Bioril provides solutions through application of sustainable microbial programs to help our customers improve what they are growing and managing. Our goal is to not only benefit our customer’s bottom line, but to improve the environment as well.

Bioril supports all activities that work with the soil or surface water of our diverse landscape.

We are beyond the tipping point where the majority of consumers and regulatory agencies demand healthy, safe crops and vegetables, reduced fertilizer and chemicals on their lawns, and protection of our precious groundwater, springs, streams and rivers.

For soil related businesses, our customers are:

  • Farmers and ranchers of all types and sizes
  • Lawn care and landscape management professionals
  • Golf course superintendents
  • Government and private corporations and institutions
  • Landscape Architects

We assist these customers by providing guidance and products to reduce nutrient inputs and chemicals, but with improved outcomes.

For Aquatic related programs, our customers are:

  • Aquatic Maintenance Contractors
  • Planned Communities / HOA’s
  • Municipal Service Districts
  • Government Agencies with Water Quality responsibility

Bioril also helps those who perform aquatic management services. Bioril’s products achieve their goals of algae control, but they do it sustainably, with no residual heavy metals or chemicals, that in turn enables the natural ecology of the ponds to prosper.

Bioril was founded in 2008 by Dr. Richard I. Leavitt, PhD who developed some of the early patents in beneficial soil microbe products, and is based in Jacksonville, Florida. The owners of Bioril have extensive experience over a wide spectrum of skills such as microbiology, soil fertility analysis, agriculture, land planning and Low Impact Development (LID), landscape design and management, stormwater pond performance analysis, and engineering.