Lawns and turf are excellent candidates for biofertilizers for the following reasons:

  • Residential and commercial customers are increasingly demanding a more “green” and sustainable program using low or no chemical application approach to lawn and turf care.
  • Generally good fertile soil with decent nutrient and mineral content.
  • Biofertilizers are commonly liquid and more lawn and turf management companies are using more liquids than granular fertilizers, so it is easy to integrate with the applicator’s operations.

The benefits to applying biofertilizers to lawns and turf are:

  • Reduced and possibly ELIMINATED application of chemical fertilizers.
  • Healthier plant tissue resulting in need for less or no other insecticides and fungicides.
  • Improved drought resistance and reduced need for irrigation
  • Long term improvement of soil health = excellent grass and a long term, happy customer.
  • The opportunity to brand your company as being “green” or sustainable.