Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside

Agrhizome is a concentrated liquid consisting of trillions of living, beneficial bacteria and fungi in a humate carrier. Agrhizome uses the “SumaGrow” microbial formulation that offers the benefits described under “Biofertilization”, and it is unique in the microbiological industry in that it has the most diverse variety of beneficial microbes that offer a wide range of benefits. SumaGrow has been demonstrated to adapt to every kind of soil type around the world.

Agrhizome is used for row crops, vegetables, legumes and fruits.

Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside Product Specifications

Agrhizome with SumaGrow Inside Material Data Safety Sheet


Agrhizome Forage with SumaGrow Inside

Similar to Agrhizome, Agrhizome “Forage” is modified to be specific to the grass family.

Agrhizome Forage is used for forages, hay production and pastures.

Organic Farms: Both Agrhizome and Agrhizome Forage are available in versions that have the USDA OMRI-Listed designation.


BioEngyn Soil Nutrition and Soil Conditioning

An all-natural material comprised of lignin and natural enzymes that functions as a wetting agent and a food source for optimum microbe population in the root zone. This substance also acts as a balancing agent for soil pH levels as well as a thermal control method for maintaining soil/ground temperatures during spring planting and fall harvest.

It is available in three versions: One that will help drive pH upward from soils with pH of 5.5 or lower; a version that is used with soils with pH of from 5.6 to 7.4, and one that will help drive the pH downward from soils with pH of 7.5 or higher.

BioEngyn Soil Nutrition and Conditioning works well when paired with biofertilization products

BioEngyn Product Specifications – Low pH

BioEngyn Product Specifications – Balanced pH

BioEngyn Product Specifications – High pH

BioEngyn Material Data Safety Sheet